- Our Vision -


At Stori, we’re adding our distinct voice to a new but expanding market of products with a conscience. The women behind our huarache sandals are known in Mexico as tejadoras. They are part of a trade that has been passed down through the generations since before the conquistadors came to the area.

Our goals are to showcase this traditional Mexican artisanal skill, offer our customers a quality product while offering a fair wage to our artisans. Our respect for the people and traditions behind our products continually drives us to find new ways to connect our customers with the tejadora behind their shoes. Currently each pair of huaraches is signed by the artisan and our hope, going forward, is to increase the level of connection even further and have more complete stories attached to each product. A part from offering a beautiful product. we aim to show our tejadoras that their art is valued and that their stories matter.

Kevin Visser was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has a bachelor of commerce from the King’s University. The final project of his undergraduate degree was done in conjunction with a Mexican non-profit organization; he worked to create and implement a sustainable business model for a struggling family. Since this project, Kevin has been working toward a long-term partnership in Mexico that focuses on empowerment, sustainability, and products with meaning. He loves tacos, adobo, Negra Modelo, and his wife Fernanda.
Fernanda Hernandez Moya was born and raised in Jojutla, Morelos, Mexico. Her degree in Political Science from the Universidad Internacional, and her passion for Mexican culture have given her unique insight into sustainable business frameworks in Mexico. She and Kevin have combined their skills to create a company that aims to empower women in her country. Fernanda loves her family, her husband Kevin, cooking, and animals of all kinds.