Cecy Chavez

Huaraches are a big part of Cecy’s life. She began learning to weave sandals from her mother when she was just 16. There were ten kids in her family eight of whom were girls and all of them got into the business of making Huaraches. Her aunts, grandma, and sisters-in-law are, or have been, tejedoras. It is not only a passion of hers but a way to provide for herself and her family.

Cecy speaks proudly and confidently about her faith in Jesus and enjoys listening to musica Cristiana. Her favorite song is Ensename Amar by Alex Campos and is jokingly insistent that everyone must listen to it.  She attends a Christian service twice a week her favorite part is singing in ‘Momento de Elavanza’.  She says that the most beautiful part of Church is the community and how they come together to help each other in difficult times.