Guadalupe Hernández

Lupita was born in Sahuayo, Michoacan. Sahuayo is the historic city of Huaraches in Mexico and, like many, she comes from a long line of tejedoras. The skills and techniques have been passed down through generations of women in her family. She thinks she is quite skilled - and she is - but says that she still has a tonne to learn from her mom. They enjoy sharing tricks of the trade, particularly with the more technical styles of Huaraches. It’s a relationship and bond that she really cherishes. This family legacy and her skills have provided Lupita with the opportunity to work from home and support herself.

She and her mom weave at home together and sometimes help one another with projects. They enjoy listening to banda and reggaeton music while they weave. When the stereo is off,  they will sometimes switch to watching famous Mexican soap operas which she admits are “so much drama” but laughs and says she enjoys them anyway. Amongst her favourites is the classic ‘Amor real’.

Lupita does not have any kids but enjoys spending time with her nephew, though she says he plays too much on his cellphone. Her extended family often gathers for ‘carne asadas’ (Mexican BBQ) with tortillas (that her mom makes by hand) and cold Coca-Cola.