Levi Saucedo


We’re so blessed to have Levi as a friend and as a part of our team. His years of experience making leather accessories has made production a breeze for us. 

Levi has been working in the industry almost his whole life. His father was also a leather craftsman and, since age five, he’s been learning, observing, and asking a million questions.
At 15 he knew he had found his career.

He is passionate about his work and hopes to continue improving, making products that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

When he’s not working on his newest leather creation, Levi enjoys time with his family, attending car shows, and collecting model cars.  Levi is grateful for his family and especially grateful that his daughter - who was born prematurely at five months - has just turned 10. 

“I am a craftsman because I am passionate about it and I enjoy it. When I start a new piece, its like there nothing else around me (laughs); it’s almost an obsession”
- Levi