Mayra Hernández

Mayra learned to weave Huaraches when she was just 6 years old. She is proud to say that she almost immediately began to learn the more difficult styles.
Huaraches have always been an extra source of income for her. She has gotten very skilled and efficient and has been able to support her other business – a daycare centre. She is passionate about business and hopes to someday support herself primarily with her daycare centre.
Mayra has three daughters and one son. She is proud to say that her three girls all attend university and do very well in school. She also laughed and said that her son (the youngest) is the spoiled one in the family, though he often helps her with huaraches. She is active and goes for walks daily to enjoy the sunset at a nearby park. She says she hopes to someday take a marketing course and use that toward growing her daycare business.